inline Changing the case of a git directory on a case-insensitive file system

If you commit the file main.c in the directory Test to git on a case sensitive file system (such as ext4), git will write the path as Test/main.c.

When checking that repository out on a system with a case insensitive file system (like NTFS) the explorer might tell you that your file is in test/main.c, but doing something like git log -- test/main.c will not yield any results. Whereas git log -- Test/main.c will work fine.

To change the case of the directory containing the main.c file on such a case insensitive file system, you might run git mv Test test, but it will fail. The workaround is to first rename the directory to something else and then again to the name you want:

git mv Test asd git mv asd test

This should result in changes for all files in the directory. Committing these will fix the problem.


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