inline Flashing new ROM on Nexus 5X from Stock

The Nexus 5X I started with was running a stock Android system without any updates made to it. This guide applies to Linux Ubuntu 17.04

This requires a setup Android SDK! Step by step:

  1. Copy ROM, GApps and Root to Internal Storage
    • ROM in this example was Paranoid Android
    • Download suiting package from Open GApps (Nexus 5X is ARM64 arch!)
    • Download SuperSU (optional). (not done here!)
  2. Unlock Bootloader:
    • Reboot phone into fastboot: adb reboot bootloader or Hoold power and Volume Down together.
    • (as root) Check if device is found: fastboot devices
    • (as root) Unlock bootloader: fastboot oem unlock
    • (as root) Reboot device: fastboot reboot
  3. Install custom Recovery (TWRP):
    • Download from the official site
    • Reboot into fastboot (see above)
    • (as root) Flash new recovery: fastboot flash recovery path/to/twrp.img
    • Important: After the reboot, Android deletes TWRP automatically! We need to boot into recovery at least once, so it stays on the phone after reboots. After issuing the next command, hold Power and Volume Down immediatly!
    • (as root) Reboot the phone: fastboot reboot
    • After booting into fastboot again, use Volume Down to flip to “Recovery” and press Power to select it. TWRP should start.
  4. Flash new stuff
    • Click “Wipe” and wipe everything except “Internal Storage”
    • Select “Install” from the main menu
    • If you did wipe the internal storage or forgot to put the images on it, you can copy them over via adb: adb push /local/file /sdcard/remote-file.
    • Select the ROM, swipe to flash, follow instructions
    • Select GApps, swipe to flash, follow instructions
    • (Optional) Flash root
    • Wipe Dalvik for good measure (should prompt for it)
    • Select “Reboot” from the main menu.
  5. Profit!

After the reboot, the system setup should launch. Check “Settings” > “About Phone” > “Paranoid Android Version” to verify everything worked.


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